Why Should You Have a Few Amazing Close Friends Than Numerous Casual Ones?

Every New Year, people feel a rush of pressure to make this year their most memorable one by getting out there and befriending new people. But it will cause no harm if you skip the resolution this year and don't concentrate hard on making more friends. 


Science has shown that working on improving the strong relationships you already have, will, in turn, make you happier and healthier in the long run. As per studies, high school and college students have smaller interpersonal social networks than how it was in previous times.  


But despite rising concerns about social media leading to feelings of disconnection, teenagers have reported a decline in loneliness. So, in simpler words, teenagers nowadays have fewer friends but in actual, feel less isolated as they feel more secure in their existing relationships.  


Several lead researchers theorize that modern society has made people more independent. It means we no more need to rely on hundreds of casual friends to give us the social support we really need. Just a handful of few close friends are perfect for our needs! And this is what Alexa Curtis the blogger emphasizes upon.


Why quality over quantity matters?


It is the closest friends that matter the most. The "Dunbar Number", a famous theory, suggests that our brain only has the cognitive capacity to maintain stable relationships with just a limited number of people. Several experts believe that an average person can socialize with about 150 people.  


But only 15 of these people are friends one can confide in and turn to, during the dark days of their lives. And only five of these people are categorized as close friends and family. So, it is always said that the quality of your friends' circle matters more than how many people there are! With quality people beside you can trust and rely on them without a sense of hesitation and fear.  


You can check out the blog site 'Life Unfiltered With Alexa Curtis' to read an interesting topic on the same! An Alexa Curtis mental health blog can truly change the way people lead their lives, for good. These most intimate friend groups are important to your well-being. Prioritizing friendships can improve physical health and also reduce your risk of illness.  


So, strengthen your existing relationships and you will actually feel a lot better from within!